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[DPRG] mouse guts

Subject: [DPRG] mouse guts
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Feb 6 21:43:20 CST 2005

Are you SURE there is only one LED and encoder?

There are some quadrature output encoders that appear to be single
channel. In fact, one that Rick and I work with has a single LED and two
detectors in a fairly small package. The wheel height and slot spacing
is very critical, but the unit will work at some serious speeds.

> I was looking around at all the motors I have, and thought it would be
> nice if I could make some cheap encoders for them.  I then realized that I
> have several old computer mice laying around and remembered seeing this
> site on hacking mice to get the encoders:
> http://www.boondog.com/%5Ctutorials%5Cmouse%5CmouseHack.htm
> Great article, but on taking apart several mice I found a problem.  The
> one shown in the article has two LED's and detectors per encoder wheel,
> but all of mine appear to only have one LED and detector per encoder
> wheel.  So how does the mouse get quadrature or direction out of that?

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