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[DPRG] The Encoder Secret (Scavenging Help)

Subject: [DPRG] The Encoder Secret (Scavenging Help)
From: Ken Comer kencomer at kencomer.com
Date: Tue Feb 8 18:45:39 CST 2005

I bought some of those nifty security camera mounts from BGmicro and 
have finally gotten around to disassembling them. I have a problem 
getting those encoders off.

Someone else bought them, too. Would whoever it was step to the fore and 
give me a tip?

The note from BGmicro said something about the Allen wrench size being 
1.5mm and I don't have an Allen wrench set, so that might be part of the 
problem. Those little holes in the side of those shaft things do not 
particularly look like an Allen wrench goes there, but I still haven't 
figured out how to use these *&^* bifocals, so there's not telling, really.

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