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[DPRG] The Encoder Secret (Scavenging Help)

Subject: [DPRG] The Encoder Secret (Scavenging Help)
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Wed Feb 9 13:04:13 CST 2005


 > The note from BGmicro said something about the Allen wrench size being
 > 1.5mm and I don't have an Allen wrench set, so that might be part of the
 > problem. Those little holes in the side of those shaft things do not
 > particularly look like an Allen wrench goes there, but I still haven't
 > figured out how to use these *&^* bifocals, so there's not telling, 

Yes, they're really held on with set screws.  You'll need an 1.5mm allen 
wrench to get them off.  Don't try a standard allen wrench - you'll just 
strip it.

Also, some of the gears are glued to the shafts.  Use nail polish 
remover to dissolve this before removing the gears.  To not use any 
force at all to remove the gears from the motor shafts - they are very 
delicate, precision gearboxes, and the slightest deflection will render 
them useless.


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

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