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[DPRG] good reason for a project

Subject: [DPRG] good reason for a project
From: Ken Comer kencomer at kencomer.com
Date: Thu Feb 10 12:40:16 CST 2005

W.E.Cole wrote:
> I think Dale is already working in that direction.

I talked with Dale about his project. He is going about it in one way 
that might work. This sort of thing might help him at some point. If 
nothing else, he could use these boards to make testable prototypes that 
other people in the group could make a bot around to prove it works. His 
project is definitely the kind of thing that I had in mind.

When I talked with Dale, he seemed to be thinking of something that 
could be plonked down into a specific type of platform. He showed me a 
pointer, and it looked like a relatively inexpensive and easy way to get 
a robot going.

Still, there are 8 boards (more or less) that they will donate. This 
could be two sets of four boards all alike, or it could be eight boards. 
If someone else came up with a different design--perhaps with a 
different goal in mind--then it is possible that Dale could make two 
copies and someone else could make two copies for one set of four, then 
both could present a "rev B" after testing.

It doesn't matter much to me. The thing that I wanted to accomplish was 
to put it on the list so that a good freebie became a part of the 
collective mind-set. Having done that, whatever DPRG decides to do about 
it makes me happy.

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