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[DPRG] Regarding Serial Programming

Subject: [DPRG] Regarding Serial Programming
From: suresh N housie9 at yahoo.co.in
Date: Mon Feb 14 18:15:08 CST 2005

Hi friends
I wanted to know
"Is there any difference between running a C code from Borland C (using ctrl+F9) and executing the EXE file for the same source code"
The problem is :-
I have an instrument which displays data on its screen. The instrument also has a serial port. When some instructions in ASCII format are sent to the instrument from my PC through COM1,  it sends the data through its serial port. I have to receive it through COM1 and continue further processing.
I have a written a C code to communicate to an instrument through COM1 using BORLAND C editor. When ran from editor (by pressing ctrl + F9 ) the code works fine. But when the EXE for the same code is executed, the code doesn't give expected result. 
Help me regarding this
-Thanks in advance

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