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[DPRG] Sat meeting, tanks, hardware, and other news

Subject: [DPRG] Sat meeting, tanks, hardware, and other news
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Wed Feb 16 09:24:21 CST 2005

I really wish I could have gone to the meeting Saturday, I'd have loved to
see that modified tank and Randy's new DDM boards. Unfortunately, I've been
sick with the flu for a over a week (haven't even been online in 8 days -
man, the spam piles up!). I had also hoped to have the new hardware library
catalog finished in time for the meeting, but that just wasn't happening. I
should have it finished and printed for the next meeting.

I've seen a few more "specials" at Walmart (I live by the Garland location
and work across the street from another @635/Midway). Most of the Walmarts
are trying to dump their left over Christmas inventory and have finally
marked down some of the left over R/C stuff I've been watching. Both stores
marked down the 12v gel-cell battery packs we've been talking about - they
were $18.97 and now they're $9, but stock is real low both places. I've seen
several smaller R/C tanks marked down, but nothing that really impressed me.
I did notice one of the stores (Garland I think) had the really cool
multi-track R/C car that sold for around $89 marked down to around $40 or


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> > We had some cool show and tell.
> > Most notably Dr. Brian Huff from UTA (Industrial Engineering Professor)
> > and some of his students  showed off one of those big RC Tanks that
> > Walmart sells for $150 (or $50 if you are lucky enough to be
> > tipped off by Bill Cole about a sale at one store only). The Tank had
> > outfitted with optical motor encoders and I believe an ISO-POD with
> > also an onboard GPS and Sonar.
> Yes, I think they had a ServoPod(TM) and IsoPod(TM) on a CAN
> network in the tank running various sensors, as they're planning
> quite a large amount of capabilities for the future development
> on this tank. But the nifty keeno thing (to me) was that all the
> reading of encoders, driving of the PID to the H-bridges and the
> motors, doing the oddometry, steering etc. was all done in the
> last little ~1.5" stack of two boards. That's the new
> Differential Drive Module (DDM) we're (New Micros) making as a
> new product, I was bragging on a couple weeks. I'm glad you all
> got a chance to see it. There are only 4 of those in the world
> right now, and DPRG already got to the working on in action.
> As to the other three... I had hoped to show the DDM in
> operation this coming weekend, but, since I haven't started yet
> on my robot base... the possibility of my having something ready
> is looking bleak.
> Randy
> www.newmicros.com

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