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[DPRG] "Body work" on plastic parts

Subject: [DPRG] "Body work" on plastic parts
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Thu Feb 17 06:18:36 CST 2005

You could try something like this Stucco stuff.
I think the local model hobby shop should have several things that would
I myself like to use baking soda and superglue a lot. The superglue and
baking soda turn into a hard plastic substance that makes for great fillets,
gap fillers, etc. it is pretty hard though, and sometimes you could have
problems sanding as it is harder than the surrounding area. But it works
pretty neat.
Plus you get instant gratification, no waiting for glue or putty to dry or
I even fill in old stripped out holes and redrill and tap the filled hole so
I can put the screw back in.

Many years ago, I used to take the plastic trees that model parts came on
and add some to a small glass jar with some acetone in it to dissolve or
soften the plastic, so that I could make a thick paste with it. Then I would
use this paste to do "body work" on a model car to customize it. The liquid
plastic model glue for styrene plastics does the same thing.

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Subject: [DPRG] "Body work" on plastic parts

I'm going to do some "body work" on one of my two M-5 tanks to make it look
less like a tank and more like a "sci-fi" robot. I need to fill in some
holes in the plastic body. The plastic seems like the same stuff they mold
model cars and planes out of, but much thicker (1/8" in most places). Some
of the holes are tiny (1/8" or less) and some are large (1" or larger). The
larger one will have plastic "plates" of the same material glue behind the
holes and will just need the depressions filled in, so none of the "body
work" will need much material stregth.

What type of material(s) would make good fillers for this type of plastic? I
may try Bondo (after I test some to see how it reacts with the plastic) but
maybe someone else has tried this themselves and can save me some
experimenting time....


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