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[DPRG] Table Top Robotics 2005a

Subject: [DPRG] Table Top Robotics 2005a
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Sat Feb 19 16:48:42 CST 2005

A sincere and hearty thanks to everyone that helped make today's Table 
Top Robotics event a success:

First let me thank the volunteers that helped to make everything happen:

Judges:  Scott Sumner, Alex Flores and Rick Garnett
Sumo Ref & Prize Certificates:  Martin Meier
Scorekeeper:  Janice Jackson
Master of Ceremonies:  Kip Moravec
:  David Ellis
Contest Chronography:  Ron Grant
Course transport: Scott The Elevator Guy
Videographer:  Cynthia Rivers

...and everyone else I forgot because I've been up since 3am ...  but 
seriously, these are the people that made the whole thing happen.

I'd also like to thank our very generous sponsors for this event:

Tanner's Electronics (many gift certificates)
New Micros, Inc. (tiny-ARM and tiny-AVR modules)
BG Micro (gearmotor/encoder assemblies, multimeter, breadboard)
Dale Wheat (yes, me; thank me very much; I'm quite welcome).
The Science Place (excellent facilities and a judge, even!)

Of course what fun would a contest be without contestants?  We had an 
excellent turn out today and there was a lot of quality competition. The 
winners and associated prizes will be announced shortly, however I can, 
at this time, announce that Chris Franz has been awarded 2nd-1/2 place 
in Line Following due to a scoring oversight.  An excellent first robot 
entry from a new member!  Keep up the good work, Chris!

My apologies to anyone I've missed in this list.  It was a lot of fun - 
thanks to everbody!


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

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