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[DPRG] 100 robot sets needed (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] 100 robot sets needed (fwd)
From: Larry Barello larryba at barello.net
Date: Sat Feb 26 19:15:11 CST 2005

The SRS got an inquiry from "Conrad" for 100 kits as well.  We have replied
but not heard back yet.

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From:  Randy M. Dumse

Similar discussion of 100 robot kits for Sinapore is going on on
the PARTS list. About a half guys on that list have also been
contacted by email, as best I can tell. Aparently the sender has
been trying to get in touch with Junun. I replied when I got
three slightly different emails asking for robot kits and
controller boards. I am speaking with Conrad, via email, who is
with Creative Robotics. We're now in conversation. I'm trying to
get him in touch with Junun. It's very strange to have a request
for that much business coming through so many channels at once.


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