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[DPRG] Looking for a robotic toy donated at RBNO

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for a robotic toy donated at RBNO
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Sun Feb 27 01:09:14 CST 2005

No, it wasn't tossed. I was there that night and helped with the clean up. I
remember someone picking up the toy and taking it home, I just don't
remember who. In either case, if it's destroyed or being used, it's not a
big deal. I was just asking on the slim chance the body was sitting in a
closet somewhere because someone wanted the base but not the body. I found
an identical robot on eBay, so they're around if I *really* want one. To be
honest, I'm just looking for a 10-18" robot body with a classic sci-fi robot
"look" (head, torso, arms) to build into the upper part of my converted M5

Since it will be a show 'bot instead of a contest 'bot, I'm trying to build
something that small children can readily identify as a robot; basically
something that looks more like a "classic" robot from the movies and less
like a strange r/c toy, which is what most of our robots looks like. (I hope
everyone has as off-beat a sense of humor as I, so that you can  appreciate
the irony of building an r/c toy to look like a robot because the real
robots look too much like r/c toys.)


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> Bill,
> Reading Charlie's reply got me thinking about a clean-up which happened
> 3 months ago (or more). I am willing to bet with my lack of respect for
> disassembled toys, I probably was the one  that toted you robot to the
dumpster and
> no doubt dropped one of those 80 lb 220 Volt Monitors, no one could use,
> top of it making sure it did not roll itself back to the warehouse. (I
> dreams about stuff like that)
> Anyway, I will accept the blame as the guilty party and will find a way to
> make it up to you.
> Totally cool that people, including you, bring stuff for giveaways.
> Many of us have benefited.
> Of course we all know equipment that can be used and gets used,  is fully
> respected too.
> I think we do need to get everyone together on what we can and cannot
> at the warehouse. Maybe I should say clubhouse!
> Maybe a box of stuff should be given a life of 2 or 3 weeks.
> I am thinking that we should limit storage of too many raw materials
> small parts like motors, gears, wheels, and other small components or
> we can accommodate with our shelf space.
> Ron


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