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[DPRG] grounding motor cases

Subject: [DPRG] grounding motor cases
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Wed Jul 6 17:20:11 CDT 2005

> Well sure, that's why I'm so impressed ... ;)

Me too, now that I know that.

> The robot is only
> using the magnetic variation from true north provided
> by the GPS
> at this time, but not using the location and heading data.

We (UTA team and I) use the location data read in, and figure an
error for the target location, make our heading and distance
from that input. We've got a "close enough" range of about 3M,
since that's about the best our GPS can do. But it's good enough
to drive a square around a building, which is our current "goal"
level. Think we're WAAS assisted, but it's been a while since I
looked at the GPS specs.

> any peektures?



There you have the standard Walmart 21st Century Toy Tank with
the top taken off. Inside you see the two motors, we've added
encoders to the output shafts on the gear boxes (because we
couldn't easily tap in closer to the motors) and those wires go
to the DDM, with the output wires going from the DDM to the
motors. Also shown is the GPS, antenna, and wires to DDM (not
hooked up yet). I have read the GPS with an IsoPod(TM).

As you can see, lots of space left over for additional circuits.
The DDM doesn't take up much space, approximately 1.5" cube
(less mounting tabs). Lowest level board has two 5A Hbridges,
next level a PlugaPod(TM) and eventually we will probably make a
smaller version of GPS stack right on those boards. Battery is
back in main compartment, and speaker is still left over from
original tank, with no particular use yet at this time. I need
to slap on some sensors for obstacle avoidance, but the program
was running okay some months ago when we tested avoidance.


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