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[DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!

Subject: [DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Mon Jul 11 12:42:48 CDT 2005

We got a few too, but not as many as previously. Considering the amount of
time spent sitting on the ground, I'd say the chemicals really helped!
Hurray for John!

My family has a lot of fun. My 16 month old little girl really loved the
swimming pool (which is strange since she won't go in the 1 foot wading pool
we have at home) and my 3 yr old son loved the pony ("Is a 'orsey, daddy, is
a 'orsey!!"). My stepkids seemed a little bewildered by it all ("...what
WERE those people talking about?? Something about bridges and radar
(sonar)....") but they all enjoyed themselves. My youngest stepdaughter
especially seemed to enjoy herself, since there were a few boys about her
age swimming in the pool....


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Subject: [DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!

> Ron sez...
> > Also, thanks to John's efforts in the dispensation of toxic chemicals
> > Involuntary Adopt-A-Chigger Service appears to have been closed down
this year.
> speak for yourself...
> where were these magic chemicals?
> dpa
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