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[DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!

Subject: [DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!
From: jdrumm9015 at aol.com jdrumm9015 at aol.com
Date: Mon Jul 11 15:44:13 CDT 2005

  I am surprised the chemicals didn't do the job.  I found the stuff on surplus from WWII.
I couldn't quite make out the label, just three letters were legible - DDT.  I thought
that was the good stuff?
  Seriously, the only area treated with "safe" (thats what they told me at Home Depot) chemicals
was the pool area and the backyard.  Jbot roamed over far too great an area for the chemical
protection as David's festive fingernail dots attest to.
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Subject: [DPRG] The BBQ Was Great!


Chiggers aside, the BBQ was indeed a fine event, with food and robots and
kids and wives and dogs and more robots, all serenaded by a chorus of
sweet-singing cicadas.

Multi-kudos and thanks to John for hosting another robot celebration and
cookout at his country estate.

As for the free-riders picked up in the woods, I now have lovely little
dabs of red fingernail polish all over my feet and ankles as gentle
reminders of the picnic, that also serve as festive summer decorations.
What's not to like?


> Re:  Involuntary Adopt-A-Chigger Service appears to have been closed down 
> this year.
> >speak for yourself...
> >where were these magic chemicals?
> >dpa
> I guess jbot found life in its excursion around the backyard.
> Maybe the ultrasonic range finders turned jbot into sort of a piped-piper 
> only instead of rats it was tiny chiggers and they did not jump into the river 
> they jumped on you, David, instead. Yikes. 
> Steve, the chigger magnet, was out there too, but I think he was covered in 
> chemicals.
> -Ron
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