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Fw: Re: [DPRG] Computers for the Warehouse

Subject: Fw: Re: [DPRG] Computers for the Warehouse
From: tester140 at juno.com tester140 at juno.com
Date: Mon Jul 11 22:45:55 CDT 2005

    Both machines are mechanicaly complete, but one does not boot right
now. I may need to run Norton system works on it to make sure files are
not corrupted or it is not overrun with viruses. The faster machine is
a new one from Fry's, and has their version of Linux on it, "Linspire"
I believe. It does however have the driver disk for all the hard ware!
Kip said he will be up there tomorrow night. I usually go on a date
night with my wife on Thursday. What we don't get up and going this
Tuesday I'm sure we can work on next Tuesday. Oh, maybe a brand name
PCI Nic to get up on the network would be good. It seems our parts bin
has been mostly eliminated. Thanks again for the interest!

Charlie Y.

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Charlie, I can help, but I can only help on Thursday night, since I work the
rest of the week; otherwise, I can help next week. Any idea what they are lacking?


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