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[DPRG] DC motor requirements??

Subject: [DPRG] DC motor requirements??
From: sim bo simbo666 at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Jul 16 00:56:57 CDT 2005

I am in the process of selecting a motor for a project
that im doing.
the project is a 2 wheel balancing robot.
in motor selection, after reading a few texts and
references, i was 
wondering if anyone could confirm my process is

- use f=ma then find the required torque needed at the
wheels for desired 
- using the motor data sheet with gear ratios
efficiency etc. calculate the 
torque delivered by the motor
- using data sheets (ie. 
read off the 
required current at the torque required..ensure its
under stall current
- using the diameter of the wheels, calculate the max
RPM attainable, 
convert this into linear velocity and ensure its
adequate for the projects 

Am i missing anything vital here? in particular, is
there anything else on 
the data sheets that i am overlooking for my project
Any relevant links would be useful aswell.
Thank you in advance.

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