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Subject: [DPRG] AVR
From: Dan Williams dan_williams39 at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Jul 17 14:45:10 CDT 2005

--- DeltaGraph at aol.com wrote:

> Dan,
> If I read your ISP doc right, Your ISP has a 6 pin
> header or room to solder 
> in a 6 pin header on its board.  This would be your
> easiest route to connecting 
> the butterfly.
> The other option is to remap the wiring from 10 pin
> plug to 6 pin.
> If you can access the 6 pin connector inside ISP
> then
> you might beable to use your 10 pin ribbon just use
> 6 pins off one end if 
> components on either end don't interfear with
> overhanging ribbon cable header 
> plug thing.
> Ron
Thanks, Ron. My ISP has a ribbon coming out of it with
a 10 pin header. I don't know how to dis-assemble the
case so I don't know about a place to attach the 6pin
ribbon/header. I need to read the doc's better on it.

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