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[DPRG] Fuel Cells anyone?

Subject: [DPRG] Fuel Cells anyone?
From: Dan Gates topazx2 at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Jul 20 10:18:04 CDT 2005

I've been watching the fuel cell developments for a while now, but I
had no idea they were already on the market here. $5 is certainly
do-able to play around with. We don't have a Best Buy here though, so I
wonder who else might carry them? 
Now I wonder how far off are the rechargable fuel cells... or should I
say refillable?
-Dan Gates 

--- "W.E.Cole" <wecole at ev1.net> wrote:

> Just to throw out an conversational "bone", so to speak....
> Has anyone besides me seen that Best Buy sells disposable fuel cells
> to
> recharge certain types of cell phones? They cost $5, which really
> surprised
> me, since I had been lead to believe that fuel cell (even throw
> aways) were
> typically much more expensive.
> Might make an interesting project to adapt one to recharge a 'bot....
> ~WEC
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