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[DPRG] Slip Rings

Subject: [DPRG] Slip Rings
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Fri Jul 22 15:30:58 CDT 2005

Slip RingsI've been looking too, but no luck so far.  The liquid metal ones
from mercotac look really nice - I wonder if they really would work better.
I'm sticking with forward dual 2-wheel carriages tied to a chassis with a
set of rear wheels, so I only need two of them.  I've decided to mount the 2
h-bridges and a shared dedicated controller on each carriage.  I need about
30amps (stall) for power - 12v, plus logic power and a communications setup.
I'll probably either use I2C or CAN for networking with my brainstem
controller (generic description - not the one from acroname), but I'm having
trouble settling on a controller.  I may send a separate message for that.

So I'm looking for at least 5 conductors, 2 at 30 amps, and 6 will get me
separate grounds for power and logic.  I'm just worried about being able to
really communicate through a slip ring while the carriages are rotating -
maybe CAN would be more robust?  I can't imagine either of the carriages
rotating at more than 30 rpm.  Most of the time they'll just be oscillating
back and forth a bit.


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  Hello all,

  I am building a new mars rover type robot, and I need to find (or build)
some simple 2 pole slip rings.
  These slip rings will power the drive motors, so they need to handle 2
amps or so at 24VDC.
  I will need 4 of them.

  Does anyone know where I can get some for a reasonable price?
  Failing that, does anyone have experience making slip rings?

  I have done some internet searching, and surprisingly could not find
anyone selling them surplus.
  The only ones I saw were expensive custom made ones.

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