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[DPRG] Slip Rings

Subject: [DPRG] Slip Rings
From: Kipton Moravec (SPEC Manufacturing) kip.moravec at specmanufacturing.com
Date: Fri Jul 22 16:16:09 CDT 2005

Slip RingsYou want to rotate each motor >360 degrees to turn? I would design
them out.

I guess I don't understand.

I think you can build them using motor brushes for the contacts and a ring
of metal.

Another option is like a lazy susan, with bearings between the two surfaces.
You would need two tracks of different diameters with a non-insulating
material separating them.

With my lack of machine tools I would probably make one surface from a PCB
with a round track of copper, and roll 3 or 4 little metal wheels on each
track to make contact.
I would also  look for security cameras. They sometimes have slip rings for
360 degree turning.

I also did a web search for slip rings. They are probably expensive.

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  Hello all,

  I am building a new mars rover type robot, and I need to find (or build)
some simple 2 pole slip rings.
  These slip rings will power the drive motors, so they need to handle 2
amps or so at 24VDC.
  I will need 4 of them.

  Does anyone know where I can get some for a reasonable price?
  Failing that, does anyone have experience making slip rings?

  I have done some internet searching, and surprisingly could not find
anyone selling them surplus.
  The only ones I saw were expensive custom made ones.

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