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[DPRG] link to misc items for sale

Subject: [DPRG] link to misc items for sale
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Sat Jul 23 02:10:41 CDT 2005

I'm cleaning out my "hobby" room and have a bunch of stuff for sale. Since
some of it is robotic related, here's a link to the list of stuff for anyone
who might be interested. (just email me privately - don't bother with the
website the list is on; it's just a temprary place to post the list.)

All of it will be local pick-up in Garland/RBNO (i.e. I'll bring it to RBNO,
otherwise you have to come to my house, which is also in Garland, to get
it). ;) If it doesn't sell this way, I'll post the leftovers on Robotic
Market (and deal with shipping - blah!).

The price in brakets is a "buy-it-now" price, otherwise just make an offer
and the best offer by the end of next week will get it and I'll bring the
items to the following RBNO. If you'd like to see the items first, email me
and I'll bring it to this week's RBNO (but if I get a "buy-it-now" offer
before RBNO, sorry, it's sold! - not going to hold it just to let you look
at it).


More stuff will get added later, after I clean out the garage this


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