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From: Mike Pettit mcsar1 at charter.net
Date: Tue Jul 26 19:54:26 CDT 2005

Ok guys (and ladies), here's a bit more info on my project that I need
help with.  As previously posted, it is a flying platform using 3 ducted
fans powered by 12 volts dc on a tether (a triangle with a vertically
mounted fan at each tip).  
I have obtained a hover, although briefly, since the craft tends to
wobble and then pitches over.  I need your help in designing the
electronics to control the three ducted fans so that I have a stable
hover.  While I have good electronics skills, theory is way beyond my
capability.  I will need help with the schematics, etc.  In other words,
I am completely clueless!
Mike Pettit
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