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From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Wed Jul 27 15:36:42 CDT 2005


You have chosen a particularly advanced and difficult problem as
your first motion control project.

I think your chances of success will go way up if you start with a
more modest motion control problem, and work your way up to balance
in 3-space.

My experience is that, even balance in 2-space, like my nBot robot:
is a very difficult problem for even an advanced robot builder to solve

That said, if you set on the ducted fan platform as your first motion
control project, there are a number of fundamental problems that have to
be solved.  Some of it is hardware, some is electronics, but a lot of
it, and in some ways the most complex, is software.   

What programming languages are you familiar with?  If you are confortable
in "C" then the gcc tool chain supports lots of microcontrollers and
there are a number of support groups available for different

The Rotomotion folks that Ron mentioned use AVR processors and most
of the code is in C, so that might be a good place to start.

best regards,

> At present, the only control I have is a 20 amp regulated 12 volt dc
> power supply. The three fans are connected in parallel so each fan
> receives the same amount of voltage and current.  I have NO experience
> with speed controllers or gyros and therefore am not presently using
> them.  There is my problem!  Mike
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> Hi,
> Mike,
> First question:
> How are you presently controlling the three ducted fan motors?
> Are you using an H-Bridge or an electronic speed controller?
> If yes, how many, and how are you presently driving them?
> regards,
> dpa
> > Ok guys (and ladies), here's a bit more info on my project that I need
> > help with.  As previously posted, it is a flying platform using 3
> ducted
> > fans powered by 12 volts dc on a tether (a triangle with a vertically
> > mounted fan at each tip).  
> >  
> > I have obtained a hover, although briefly, since the craft tends to
> > wobble and then pitches over.  I need your help in designing the
> > electronics to control the three ducted fans so that I have a stable
> > hover.  While I have good electronics skills, theory is way beyond my
> > capability.  I will need help with the schematics, etc.  In other
> words,
> > I am completely clueless!
> >  
> > Mike Pettit
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