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[DPRG] Re: JTAG for Philips ARM LPC21xx

Subject: [DPRG] Re: JTAG for Philips ARM LPC21xx
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Thu Jul 28 12:27:20 CDT 2005


The serial bootloader is great for programming the flash, but doesn't support 
debugging.  Being able to single step through a program and look at registers 
and I/O pins is a nice thing to have.


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

Randy M. Dumse wrote:
>>What's the state of JTAG with these?  NMI doesn't
>>seem to offer a jtag adapter.
> Yes, we routed the JTAG signals to the JTAG port. Our pinout is
> not standard (to other manufacturers), but matches the other
> boards we have in the Tini line.
> No, we haven't made a JTAG adapter yet. We've had very good luck
> dealing with the parts by serial bootloader. Of course, you
> know, we try to respond to customer input. Do you think a JTAG
> adapter is very essential? Is using the serial bootloader not a
> workable solution for you?
> Randy
> www.newmicros.com
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