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[DPRG] FYI, If you're interested in a lot of cheap surplus components...

Subject: [DPRG] FYI, If you're interested in a lot of cheap surplus components...
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Wed Jun 1 22:25:46 CDT 2005

RIght now there's a guy in Keller that is selling some Radio Shack surplus
components (resistors, caps, etc, etc) plus a lot of other goodies.
Yesterday I bought a random box of stuff from him for $20 and sorted it out
last night. Most of the packages had been cut open and taped closed, but the
items were unused. A few of the items (mostly some switches, connectors)
were obviously used, but still usable. I think I only threw out 3-4 items as
unusable. Even at surplus prices (Tanner's for example), there was probably
over $100 worth of resistors, caps, led's, and pots. There was probably the
same value in connectors, switches, misc thingies. At surplus prices, I'd
guess I got about 10x's the value I paid (and I shudder to think what retail
would have been).

I may go back for a second box Friday or Saturday. Here's the link to some
of the stuff the guy is selling (look for the Radio Shack stuff...)
Here is his email : DFWforsale at gmail.com
I think his name was Scott. Real nice guy, great prices. Be sure to browse
what he's got. He had a ton of ac adapters, solder guns, other stuff too.

If anyone from the Garland/North Dallas area wants to grab a box, email me
and maybe we can car pool.


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