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[DPRG] FYI, If you're interested in a lot of cheap surplus components...

Subject: [DPRG] FYI, If you're interested in a lot of cheap surplus components...
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Jun 1 23:16:56 CDT 2005

Yup. Surplus good.

Rick and I are still working on bags of components my former employer
was throwing out. It was cheaper for them to get rid of parts used in
products they no longer build than to keep track of them in the stock
room and pay inventory tax on them.

Also, the packaging on tape and reel parts gets funky after being in a
hot warehouse for a few years, and since they will no longer go through
a sequencer or insertion machine, they toss them out.

> RIght now there's a guy in Keller that is selling some Radio Shack surplus
> components (resistors, caps, etc, etc) plus a lot of other goodies.
> Yesterday I bought a random box of stuff from him for $20 and sorted it out
> last night. Most of the packages had been cut open and taped closed, but the
> items were unused. A few of the items (mostly some switches, connectors)
> were obviously used, but still usable. I think I only threw out 3-4 items as
> unusable. Even at surplus prices (Tanner's for example), there was probably
> over $100 worth of resistors, caps, led's, and pots. There was probably the
> same value in connectors, switches, misc thingies. At surplus prices, I'd
> guess I got about 10x's the value I paid (and I shudder to think what retail
> would have been).

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