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[DPRG] robots

Subject: [DPRG] robots
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat Jun 4 03:24:41 CDT 2005


Jeff wrote:

> Hey David,
> Very impressive!

thank you!

> How close to its origin did jbot arrive, after how many laps?

Hard to tell on the grass field. I did a half dozen laps.   I need
to do it on a hockey field with some nice white grid markers.

In this one you can see some skid marks in the dirt where the robot
turns around, and get a feel for how close it comes:

and here's a video using the white and red painted lines of a parking lot
as a sort of gigantic graph paper, to see the effect of the robot
climbing over a curb:

This one is 100 feet out and back over broken, uneven ground:

> What are you using for motors and gearing?

Pittman 24 volt with encoders and 20:1 gearhead, plus another 1,25:1
from the belt drive.  Ron got them for me, same as he is using on his tank.


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