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[DPRG] Air Conditioning At the Garland Warehouse

Subject: [DPRG] Air Conditioning At the Garland Warehouse
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Jun 4 04:26:57 CDT 2005

Thanks to Mike Dodson, John Drummond and your sometimes humble VP:
We have Central Air-conditioning at the warehouse now.

Mike provided the unit which has been in suspended animation for 15 years.
John made suggestions on how to blow fire ants out of the relay contacts and 
I think he helped hold a flashlight while we recharged the beast last fall.

This past week we moved the ducting from Mike's Storage room to the central 
meeting area and fired up the unit and it worked pretty well. By the end of the 
evening we even had Dale complaining about how cold it was -- and this was 
after having the doors open for most of the evening because John had been busy 
Charifying hamburgers -- even virons could not survive that level of cooking. I 
mean we could have just eaten charcoal out of the bag -- why bother with the 
meat?  It is not my intention to be critical about John's work -- I won't even 
mention the broken tooth.  

Maybe someone with HVAC experience would know the answer to these questions:

We think the unit is about 2 to 3 tons. I would guess a like a 1000 CFM 
blower.  There is only a  single 10" duct coming off the plentium. Are we loosing a 
lot of efficiency by having that small of duct?  My little chart from home 
depot says have like 14" duct for that much air-flow. In fact, the return duct 
is about 14 to 16" come to think of it.

I did not have a thermometer to measure exit air temp. I would assume if it 
is about the same as the evaporator temp we could suck more out of the beast?

I know this info is on the internet somewhere. It gets tiresome to type in 
search phrases and have to read endless web pages.

I am not sure if the unit will have the capacity to cool the entire 
warehouse. Also, would there be a benefit to constricting airflow to get lower 
temperature exit air if we are trying to pour cold air over an area vs air-condition 
entire space?

- Ron 
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