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[DPRG] Summer table-top competition.

Subject: [DPRG] Summer table-top competition.
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jun 13 12:08:11 CDT 2005


Ron Grant will enter 1 robot in each contest Scoring Plans Supported (MBJ)

Maybe contestants would respond to which plans they would support to give 
Martin an idea of what flexibility people are willing to go for -- at least for 
the future, if not for  this contest.

(Plan M)
Martin, I support your single judge, time keeper and scoring slave plan. 
(OK, in all fairness Martin, reduced significantly the "slave" aspect of 
scoring with single judge)

(Plan B)
I would also support Brian Merritt's proposal of pulling subjective scoring 
which results in all remaining scores being multiple of 10 (which can be 
divided by 10) and hence reaching areas A,B not touching Walls results in single 
tallies that can be managed by one or  two people  (Timekeeper - Judge - Score 
Tally all in one or two). Fastest three times 4,2,1 points (instead of 

For subjective awards we have Best Engineered and Da Vinci which I would 
suggest getting popular votes on -- engage the audience in looking at robots and 
making those decisions during the contest -- or at the end like with did talent 
show with numbers on each robot.

(Plan J)
I would also support John Drummond's proposal of reducing contests to races 
based on time with basic qualification of completion e.g. crossed line A, B and 
back across line A.
Single person Judge/TimeKeeper/Score of course.


We should have a better idea about warehouse A/C performance this Tuesday. It 
was pretty much offline last week - probably low on refrigerant. I will tend 
to that and pickup some larger duct.

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