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[DPRG] Servo Survey

Subject: [DPRG] Servo Survey
From: David Peterson robodave1 at comcast.net
Date: Mon Jun 13 21:37:04 CDT 2005

I couldn't find the chart either but did notice that there is a "360 
Modifiable: Yes/No" line in the tech description of many servos at 
www.ServoCity.com  ( www.Robotzone.com )  I'd personally think that most 
metal geared servos would be easiest to modify (pull the stop pin on the 
output gear, and remove a bracket/sleeve on the pot, or move the pot). 
Also the ball bearing servos would seem to hold up better when using the 
output as a supporting wheel shaft. A pair of servos I've recently 
bought were ball bearing metal geared Blue Bird servos from 
www.balsapr.com where some BBMG (ball bearing/ metal gear) can be had 
for around $20 each. One set of servos I'd found somewhat difficult to 
modify were a set of super cheap Hobbico CS-60s. Hitecs would probably 
be your best bet if ordering from Tower.


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From: "Bill Boyer"
To: "Jeff Koenig"

> Servo City had a good chart on which servos were hackable for 
> 360-degree
> rotation. Take a look.
>> I'm going to buy several hobby servos for some robotic projects, and
>> realized that the ones I've bought in the past are quite mismatched. 
>> I've
>> got Traxxas ones, Futabas, etc.
>> I'll probably use most of them for their intended purpose, but I'll 
>> modify a
>> few for continuous rotation.  The ones I did in the past required 
>> cutting a
>> piece off of a gear - I'd prefer to not do that if I can help it.
>> What are the models that are easiest to modify for continuous 
>> rotation?  I
>> think some have a removable sleeve.
>> What are the cheapest of reasonable quality?  I seem to recall a few 
>> years
>> ago from the list that there were some good ones that sold for about 
>> $9.00.
>> I seem to recall that the electrical connection followed two 
>> standards.
>> Which is the most popular?
>> If any servos from Tower Hobbies meet the above criteria, so much the
>> better, as I'll be making an order from them for some Tamiya wheels.

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