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[DPRG] Gamoto motor controller update

Subject: [DPRG] Gamoto motor controller update
From: Randy Gamage robot1 at gamatronix.com
Date: Tue Jun 14 20:37:06 CDT 2005

Just a note to let everyone know I've recently added lots of new 
features to the Gamoto motor driver.  Here's a quick summary-
- R/C Pulse input allows easy interface to R/C gear
- Analog (potentiometer) feedback as well as quad encoder
- Step + Direction pulse input for easy interface to stepper motor type 
- Added 115,200 serial baud rate for high-speed access to odometry, 
control registers
- SerialShare feature allows up to 8 Gamotos on a single serial line, no 
RS485 transceiver req'd

The Gamoto is a closed loop motor controller that for brushed DC motors 
up to 3A continuous, using a PID control loop.  It can be controlled 
with Serial, I2C, or HandyCricket communication protocols.  More info is 

Sorry for advertisement, but since this is the type of product that is 
often requested and discussed at these groups, I thought it was 


Randy Gamage
"Motion control made easy"

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