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[DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones

Subject: [DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Thu Jun 16 12:52:54 CDT 2005

Put an FM microphone on the dog's collar.

Put buzzers with different frequencies at each station.

Put the FM receiver output into the computer sound port.

Have software decode the tones (use DTMF if necessary).

Ed Koffeman

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> Subject: [DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones
> Something I left out is that the dog will not be running in any
> particular order.  It will be a large (40'-50' square) area outside.
> That is why I was thinking of sound.  I have a color with a bell on it.
> Come to think of it, is there a cheap way to have the dog wear something
> that would trigger a sensor?
> How did the backyard course ya'll were discussing a few weeks ago work
> out?  How cheap was that?
> Could I put something on her that I could track on a grid?
> Thanks again for your time.
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