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[DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones

Subject: [DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Thu Jun 16 18:40:34 CDT 2005

Until one actually tries to make it work!

The signal-to-noise ratio might be terrible, but if using a PC it might work
if the DSP algorithms are fancy enough. I suspect dual tones would be
required to get enough discrmination. 


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> IMHO, we have a winner here.  Beautiful solution, Ed.
> -Jeff
> > Put an FM microphone on the dog's collar.
> > Put buzzers with different frequencies at each station.
> > Put the FM receiver output into the computer sound port.
> > Have software decode the tones (use DTMF if necessary).
> >
> > Ed Koffeman
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