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[DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones

Subject: [DPRG] RE: Off-Topic - Microphones
From: Ed Okerson ed at okerson.com
Date: Fri Jun 17 03:52:01 CDT 2005

A couple of other options.  At my last house we installed a doggy door
that had a magnet that attached to the dogs collar, it would not open
unless the magnet got close to the top of the opening.  This prevented
neighborhood animals, and wild critters from using the door.  Perhaps you
could use a similar mechanism.  The second option is clost to the one Ted
Larson suggested, RFID.  You can now get your animals tagged with an
implanted RFID chip.  There are a two varieties available in the US, Avid
and Home Again.  Information on both is available at


We recently had the Home Again implanted in our dog, it cost about $20. 
It is the one recommended by the AKC, and the only one recognized in
Europe.  Avid has a couple of readers, the more expensive of which will
read both brands of chips for $325, and the Home Again brand reader is
$225, but will not read the Avid chips.  I am pretty sure these are just a
variety RFID chips.  The Home Again ones say they are ISO 11784 or ISO
1175 Annex A compliant.  Are those the RFID standards?

So if you get the dogs tagged, you should be able to read the chips with a
lower cost RFID reader as well as get them home if they get lost.  I want
to get an RFID reader for other things, I will see if I can get it to read
the  dogs chip as well.

Ed Okerson

> Something I left out is that the dog will not be running in any
> particular order.  It will be a large (40'-50' square) area outside.
> That is why I was thinking of sound.  I have a color with a bell on it.
> Come to think of it, is there a cheap way to have the dog wear something
> that would trigger a sensor?
> How did the backyard course ya'll were discussing a few weeks ago work
> out?  How cheap was that?
> Could I put something on her that I could track on a grid?
> Thanks again for your time.
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