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[DPRG] Speed Controllers

Subject: [DPRG] Speed Controllers
From: Derek Engelhaupt derekengelhaupt at rocketmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 14 09:51:21 CDT 2005

Hey all,

I'm new to the list and wondered if you guys could help me out a bit.  I'm actually not building a robot, but a remote control Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  I was originally going with a Honda 4-stoke engine, but due to my limited access to fabrication to complete the gearbox it's looking like I'm going to go the electric route.  My plans are to use the 24v Dewalt motors that seem to be popular with thier transmission mated to a chain or belt system to drive my front track sprockets.  Direct motor drive isn't possible due to the position of the front sprockets.  Anyone using these motors in their bots and what speed controller would you guys recommend?  Price is a factor, but not at the expense of blowing fuses/breakers or screwing something up.  Any preferance between chain and belt drive?  Thanks.


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