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[DPRG] Way off topic - home wiring

Subject: [DPRG] Way off topic - home wiring
From: Charles cthurston at sc.rr.com
Date: Sun Jun 19 07:47:13 CDT 2005

Hello karim,

      #1 Does the plug feed directly from the panel box or from
      another plug ?
      IF it is direct from the panel box have a QUALIFIED electrician
      check the neutral and ground connections inside the panel box.
      Do NOT take the cover off the panel box unless you are VERY
      comfortable working inches from LIVE voltage that has a VERY
      high current potential.
      IF it feeds from another plug see #2

      #2  How old is the house ?     A few years back ground wires
      were not required, If the house is that old the ground wire you
      are seeing may not be a true ground.
      IF this is the case when that plug was added the ground and
      neutral are probably tied together in the plug before that one
      they "extended" to add that plug.  IF this is the case you have
      a bad connection in the plug the conduit comes from.

      #3 Is the plug mounted to the side of a building or is it on
      conduit sticking up out of the ground ?
      In either case the conduit may only be a short stub and NOT be
      going all the way to the panel box or feeder plug.

Best Regards
Charles                               cthurston at sc.rr.com

Sunday, June 19, 2005, 12:27:33 AM, you wrote:

BB> You need to check things out at the breaker panel. There may be a bad
BB> ground coming from the pole or something miswired, such as a broken
BB> ground wire. I was thinking they don't normally pull a ground wire when
BB> they run rigid conduit -- the conduit and box provide the ground
BB> circuit.

    Yes a ground wire is required in ALL circuits now, I think it was
    the NFPA 70-1999 NEC that required that altho it still allowed the
    ground to be "undersized" by 1 wire gauge I.E. #12 gauge circuit
    wires allowed a #14 gauge green ground wire. The NFPA 70-2002
    changed that and the ground is now required to be the same gauge
    as the load carrying wires.

    Just F.Y.I the NFPA 70-2005 does not allow you to use the
    "neutral" (white) wire for the return on a switch leg.

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