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[DPRG] Speed Controllers

Subject: [DPRG] Speed Controllers
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Jun 19 17:51:53 CDT 2005

Belts are more forgiving if the drivetrain gets locked up -- they will
slip and burn up a $10 belt and not a more expensive motor. Belts will
usually not cut off a finger if you stick it in the wrong place.

> Belt drive is quieter then chain.  Chain drive is usually easier to
> use because its length can be changed to what ever you need by adding
> or removing links.  This is especially useful if you are not sure of
> the ratio needed, changing the size of the sprocket does not require a
> change to a different length belt.
> These shouldn't matter to you but: chain is better a impact loads and
> usually is better at resisting chemicals.  Chain sprockets wear out
> much faster then drive belt sprockets or sheaves.  Chain can do
> reverse bends, only special belts can do bends going both directions.

>                 I'm new to the list and wondered if you guys could
>                 help me out a bit.  I'm actually not building a robot,
>                 but a remote control Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  I was
>                 originally going with a Honda 4-stoke engine, but due
>                 to my limited access to fabrication to complete the
>                 gearbox it's looking like I'm going to go the electric
>                 route.  My plans are to use the 24v Dewalt motors that
>                 seem to be popular with thier transmission mated to a
>                 chain or belt system to drive my front track
>                 sprockets.  Direct motor drive isn't possible due to
>                 the position of the front sprockets.  Anyone using
>                 these motors in their bots and what speed controller
>                 would you guys recommend?  Price is a factor, but not
>                 at the expense of blowing fuses/breakers or screwing
>                 something up.  Any preferance between chain and belt
>                 drive?  Thanks.

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