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[DPRG] Robostix is out

Subject: [DPRG] Robostix is out
From: David D Ellis ellis76016 at comcast.net
Date: Sat Jun 25 00:29:55 CDT 2005

The new Robostix is for sale at www.gumstix.com, $49.  It's designed to be a 
daughter card to the Gumstix. I ordered one just now. It is designed to be a 
very capable stand alone Atmel Mega128 controller as well.

I just received my first Gumstix last week and am beginning to get up to 
speed on the embedded Linux. (400Mhz XScale w/ 64MB Ram &16MB flash).

For the Robostix I believe I need an ISP. Do I have to buy the AVRISP 
(Digikey $29 ) and will I be able to download the programming tools I need 
to write code for the Robostix or will I have to buy more hardware?

Pictures coming soon.

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