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[DPRG] jbot twists off

Subject: [DPRG] jbot twists off
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat Jun 25 21:07:51 CDT 2005


Kip wrote:

> You could always move up to Titanium if the steel does not work.

Mike Hamilton, the engineer who did the design work for jbot, says
we have probably just moved the point of failure from a cheap plastic
part to a more expensive one, like the motor gearhead.  So the drive-
shafts won't fail any more and instead we'll strip teeth off the gears.

Thanks for the music comments.  You have to have on headphones to hear
the baby!

Jeff sez...

> Very impressive!  (I mean jBot; not its corkscrew-esque driveshaft.)

thanks!  Actually the driveshaft is sort of impressive also.  I tried
to twist the thing by hand and could not make it budge.  I think perhaps
the flexing of the plastic must have heated it up, to leave it so
permanently deformed.

> 1) Whose sonar elements does jBot use, and how many?

An array of 4 of the Polaroid 6500 (Senscomp) with the outdoor-grade


> 2) Does jBot use any infrared sensors, or do you find them too prone to
> wash-out from the sun?

No IR yet, but I plan to mount a couple and experiment.  Even if they are
washed out by direct sunlight most of the time, might still be useful
in shadow, and vegetation reflects IR really well, so I guess the right
answer is that I don't really know yet.

> 3) Will jBot be at the DPRG BBQ?

These days jBot goes everywhere I go.  <grin>


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