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[DPRG] For Rick Bickle

Subject: [DPRG] For Rick Bickle
From: jl_harris at juno.com jl_harris at juno.com
Date: Mon Jun 27 16:47:22 CDT 2005

I tried your direct e-mail address from the dprg site but got it bounced back as undeliverable so I'll send it to the dprg list.



If you come to RBNO this Tuesday in Garland would you please bring a couple of the encoder discs and quardrature sensors we discussed last Tuesday night.  I think you decided the large encoder disc were too large.  (The wheels I have including tires are right at 2.5 inches.) I'm anxious to try them on my Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) robot.  

If you can't make it, I'll catch you later either in RBNO Garland or RBNO West.

James Harris

jl_harris at juno.com


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