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[DPRG] Need something for sun shade at DPRG Bar-B-Q

Subject: [DPRG] Need something for sun shade at DPRG Bar-B-Q
From: jdrumm9015 at aol.com jdrumm9015 at aol.com
Date: Mon Jun 27 17:07:13 CDT 2005

  I will not be able to empty my garage out as in previous years for the DPRG Bar-B-Q.
We need a large covered area to run some of the robots needing shielding from the IR
pouring off the sun.  Does anyone have a large (greater then 20 x 20 foot)  tent or 
  Before someone suggests renting, I already checked into renting a 20 x 20 foot tent, it 
costs $325 for the weekend, that does include setup and take down.  That seemed a little
too high for me.
  Or even more fun, does anyone have suggestions on how to create a temporary 
area to block the sun?  Something along the lines like using the shadow of the
Goodyear blimp, or perhaps even more creative?
  See all of you July 9th.
John Drummond
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