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[DPRG] Need Information about bluetooth IC

Subject: [DPRG] Need Information about bluetooth IC
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Sat Oct 1 12:23:48 CDT 2005

> Out of the box they do 56K-baud with no changes.
> With a little extra work
> to send the proper AT commands, the speed can be
> shifted upwards to
> 200K-baud.  Each USB dongle can talk to 7 remotes
> with no reduction of
> bandwidth / interference(remotes can be bought
> separately at lower price).

That's right. I've just got a set, and I'm running two remotes
at 115200 after sending the AT command. They aren't quite fast
enough for 115200, and loose lock without the fast mode. But
once you enter the fast mode, they work fine at 115200.

With other AT commands you can get the current draw on the
remote down from ~48mA to 2 or 3 mA. The power savings is very
important to me for some battery powered applications which
might benefit from this technology.

I was very pleased to see that I could run multiple remotes. The
PC software handles this well, and adds COMM8 through COMM16 to
my hardware, off of the one tiny USB dongle. Of course the PC
dongle and software also allows for many other Bluetooth
features, such as audio, dialing, local networking, file
transfer, etc. with other devices.

Sparkfun also has some other RF modules that have everything by
the bluetooth software for under $20 US. They are using a RF
chip, that is very interesting. But without the Bluetooth micro
on the more expensive devices, your device can interfere with
other 2.4GHz systems. I've got those modules, but I haven't
played with them yet to have first hand knowledge.


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