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[DPRG] electronic dog whistle

Subject: [DPRG] electronic dog whistle
From: Jeff iowagadgetguy at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Oct 5 16:32:55 CDT 2005



I have a question about an electronic dog whistle I made from this schematic.


I want the sound to reach my neighbors dogs that are constantly barking, about 100ft from my house.  How would I do this?  I hooked up a bigger speaker and it seems to work better than the piezo buzzer, but it does not seem loud enough.  Does the speaker I have added, have anything to do with the loudness of the sound and it seemingly working better, or is it my imagination?   If the dogs are serious about what they are barking at, they ignore the sound.  If they are just bored and barking, they respond to the sound, like they are confused about what they are hearing.  Please, any suggestions other than a mega phone? The dogs are always barking and it makes me crazy, especially at bed time.  This is my first electronics project so I'm not very electronically/technical oriented.



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