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[DPRG] electronic dog whistle

Subject: [DPRG] electronic dog whistle
From: Jeff iowagadgetguy at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Oct 5 17:37:50 CDT 2005

One set of dogs are about 100 ft and another set, about 300 ft.  
>From the sound of the microwave magtron thread you suggested, I did not find any info on distance measurement but it did give me evil thoughts of dealing differently with these hounds.  BUT, I have a dog and hope this crazy device works on the barkers.  Don't want to hurt the rascals just want to train them not to bark all the time.

DeltaGraph at aol.com wrote:

Step 1 - You need to determine how far away the barking dogs actually are so that you will know the amount of sound pressure you need to generate. To do this you can refer back a few months on the list where someone was interested in using a microwave magnetron to do long distance range finding.

Step 2 - Now that you know how far away the dogs are, you - - - Oh wait, there is no step 2. Apparently the dogs are done     barking.

OK, so I thought I had an idea, but I guess not.

- Ron 

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