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[DPRG] Self Balancing.

Subject: [DPRG] Self Balancing.
From: Tadej Milharcic tadej.milharcic at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 17 03:48:09 CDT 2005


I am building a self-balancing robot and I found your project for a
Low Cost Gyro-Accelerometer Combo Sensor on the web
(http://www.dprg.org/projects/2003-01a/). It realy seams a reasonable
option to me (my budget is quite limited) and I am considering to
build one for my project. On other sites I noticed that people use
many diferent types of gyros for such purposes, but the Silicon
Sensing CRS03 is probably used more than others (while the
accelerometers used are almost always from Analog Devices). Have you
ever checked that product? Does your Gyro board match the CRS03 in
terms of performance?

The thing is, that I have absolutely no experience in soldering and I
would probably need some help from someone who does. This is a little
impractical for me. Does Analog Devices have a complete packaged
solution yet (in your article you talk about a possible such product
in the future)?

Best regards, Tadej.

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