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[DPRG] Re: fire fighting competition

Subject: [DPRG] Re: fire fighting competition
From: David D Ellis ellis76016 at comcast.net
Date: Tue Oct 25 22:32:24 CDT 2005

I hope you don't mind, I am cc this to the DPRG list.

Last December the club was putting it's 2005 calendar together.  One of the 
past event was the Fire Fighting Competition.  We contacted Trinity and I 
was put down as the point of contact.  When it came time for the contest 
there wasn't much interest (I don't compete in that contest).  Any input you 
or anyone else has for the 2006 contest is welcome.

I think it would be most fitting to have the club(s) help sponsor a trip to 
Trinity for the  competitor that wins the regional contest and successfully 
completes the contest objectives.  This is just a suggestion, the club 
membership would have to take this up.



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Subject: fire fighting competition

>I am curious when the regional fire fighting competition will be ?
> thanks,
> ~Andrew

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