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[DPRG] Ship Ins - Open challenge - Streaming video

Subject: [DPRG] Ship Ins - Open challenge - Streaming video
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Thu Apr 13 12:04:52 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Thursday 9AM to 11AM, 4/27/06, we will again be streaming video
from my UNI Physics "Introduction to Robotics" course. My
students are building MarkIII Mini-Sumos, and this will be their
second and final class contest. Following, we will have an open
competition for "Ship-Ins" for up to 10 competitors who pay a
token fee, and my students. "Ship-Ins" will be able to watch the
competition live by web cast.

We'd love to show the students a good sampling of Mini-Sumo's
from around the country. So please consider shipping your
Mini-Sumo in to compete!

If you don't want to "Ship In" and compete, at least come watch
with us!

Dr. Olson, my co-instructor, and I will be on site (last time I
was remote from Dallas). Dr. Olson will be in charge of running
the event.

Look on http://www.uni.edu/livemedia for a link, then go there.
Class starts at 8:30AM. The competition will probably start
about 9 to 9:30AM as I figure it will take us that long just to
get the new video connections straightened out.

I really hope this touches off "a classic" of sorts, where the
sport of Mini-Sumo catches on at universities. You've got to
start somewhere, and UNI has taken the leadership here, and is
providing the best of streaming video equipment and coverage, so
this is rather a special opportunity for the robotics community.

I'm sending this post to several groups. If you know of other
groups I'm not personally active on (Chibots? Atlanta? Canada?
etc.) please forward this message to them as well.

Following are the stipulations for entries from Dr. C Chancey,
Department Head, Physics at UNI.


1.  The UNI Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge will accept a maximum
of 10 robots from outside UNI for the April 27 event.  Those
wishing to enter should e-mail me personally
(c.chancey at uni.edu).  I will validate their entry within 24
hours, or let them know that the challengers have already been
selected.  Those selected will receive shipping information.

2.  There will be a $20 entry fee.  Checks or money orders
should be made out to "UNI Physics Department"  and included in
the submission.

3.  The UNI Physics Dept. will return-mail each of the 10
challenger robots to their owners using the packing materials
that the robots arrived with, where possible.  The Department
will make a good faith effort to return all robots in operating
condition but we cannot guarantee this.  We will use proper
carriers (US Postal Service, Fedex, or similar) but that is the
extent of our promise.  Challengers must accept the normal risks
of shipping sensitive equipment.

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