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[DPRG] 2.5" aluminum box

Subject: [DPRG] 2.5" aluminum box
From: tester140 at juno.com tester140 at juno.com
Date: Sat Apr 15 16:45:42 CDT 2006

Hey folks,
       As long as they have them, Fry's has a neet little aluminum box for only $10 with a $10
rebate! What's cool about it other than the price is that it is an external USB HD case. I picked
one up and took a look inside and found the following.
1. Dementions(DxWxH): 128mm x 79mm x 16mm
2. Weight: 5 oz.
3. P C board with 40 pin IDE interface, USB surface mount controler # GL811E and external
USB conector, 5v external conector for any use greater than USB can provide, switch for 
selecting between external and USB power?, power LED indicator and data activity LED 
indicator, possably a surface mounted voltage regulator.
This may have some robot application with it's light weight and compact size, not to mention
the board that comes with it.  I got it because I don't like to pass up a good deal, but some one else might have some other ideas. I will try to bring it to RBNO Teusday.The sale ends on this 
item Teusday at 9 P.M.

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