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[DPRG] New Humanoid Robot Learning Kit e-nuvo 2.5

Subject: [DPRG] New Humanoid Robot Learning Kit e-nuvo 2.5
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Mon Apr 17 14:51:10 CDT 2006

> This is David Aliaga from the Technology Management &
> Strategy Office from
> ZMP INC (http://www.zmp.co.jp), in Tokyo. We are a
> Japanese company in the
> field of robotics that produces the humanoids: nuvo
> and e-nuvo.

Hi David, I've looked over your many links. You have a very nice
robot. At $7000 for a walker, it is a bit outside the usual
budget for us as hobbiests. Almost all our robots are in the few
hundred to at most a couple thousand dollars.

So you know, I had a difficult time reading some of the pdfs. I
chose not to install the Japanesse fonts, as I do not read
Japanesse, and then the information would not open. So I finally
installed those fonts, but it took almost 10Meg of space on my
disk, and required several attempts and reboots before I was
able to load the English information. I doubt most people here
in the States would have the patience. In fact, you know now why
it has been about a week before I replied. I can't speak for
others, but, you might have better response if the English
version didn't require other fonts.

Then, I have to wonder what the robot can do. After I'd spend
enough time just getting to where I could read the literature,
nothing came through that would make me want to spend that much
money on a humanoid robot, that it could do over other, much
less expensive robots. The only thing that is obvious to me is
the educational market, and I don't see why a humanoid walker
would have significant advantage over other, less expensive


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