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[DPRG] ARM preferences

Subject: [DPRG] ARM preferences
From: Kipton Moravec (SPEC Manufacturing) kip.moravec at specmanufacturing.com
Date: Mon Apr 17 15:45:51 CDT 2006

ARM7 preferencesThat is a good question.

I am also looking at diving into ARM processors, because like the 8051 there
are so many to choose from from a number of different companies. In addition
they are fast and cheap.

My big concern is the interoperability of the Debugging software like the
JAG interface.  I would prefer to stay with the free open source compiler,
rather than spend $1500-$2500 or so for a AIR or Kiel compiler.

What are people's experience with the JAG interfaces?  How much do they
cost? Do they work across different manufacturers ARM devices?
Debugging is a very important part of the development process.


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  Hey all,

  I am getting ready to dive into the ARM7 architecture processors. I was
wondering who all is/has used the ARM7's.
  If so, what is your preferred JTAG device, compiler, IDE, RTOS, etc.

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