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[DPRG] Self-assembling batteries with viruses: Cool or creepy?

Subject: [DPRG] Self-assembling batteries with viruses: Cool or creepy?
From: Dennis Draheim nomadicnerd at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 26 12:57:53 CDT 2006

It's the self-replicating nature of viruses that worries me...what happens
if I "catch" my battery's virus?  Do I turn into a huge Duracell?


On 4/26/06, DeltaGraph at aol.com <DeltaGraph at aol.com> wrote:
> Coolpy Dennis
> Not to stray ---
> So, where will this bio-tech stuff go?
> Will someone build batteries and motors then learn how to integrate them
> into living organisms?
> A fly with fixed wings, a battery, motor and propeller.
> Then the flies evolve little ailerons, rudders....
> Of course now easy to integrate tiny video cameras, because power source
> onboard.
> My brothers used to fly bees on strings.
> I _always_ thought it would be more fun to go wireless
> Ron

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